Bringing the Birthday Boy In..!

It was a scene of joy and revelry! The Christmas tree glistened, its branches laden with blue and red balls. Snow shone white on its branches and mistletoe and green wreaths hung everywhere. Santa stood near the tree, a look of contentment and satisfaction on his red face as he took another swig from his bottle and stared at Mrs Santa, “It’s been a good season!” he said taking another sip, then waving at the reindeer who peeped in through his window.
The doorbell rang!
“Who can it be?” asked Santa to himself, as he stopped the Jingle Bells tune which had been playing in his home and all the homes throughout the world, “Who could be ringing my bell today?” He took another swig as his doorbell rang again.
“Who are you?” asked Santa opening the door then staring with surprise at the official notice that was thrust in his face, “You a lawyer?”
“Yes!” said the figure at the door, “And this is a notice from a birthday boy!”
Santa asked Mrs Santa for his glasses and sat down to read the official document sent to him on Christmas Day, “I’ve been accused of impersonation and theft!” cried Santa, “Whoever could accuse me of such?”
“The birthday boy whose birthday you stole!” said the lawyer.
“How could I have stolen his birthday?” asked Santa, and then watched with surprise as Mrs Santa nodded her head, “I told you, you’ve been doing so husband, and you never listened to me! You go around in that sleigh of yours, creep down chimneys, kiss young mothers under Christmas trees, and I’ve been warning you you’re stealing someone else’s birthday!”
Santa looked crestfallen and stared at the lawyer, “It’s them people of the world, they started thinking Christmas was all about me!”
The tall lawyer held the door open.
“You want me to leave?” asked Santa and Mrs Santa nodded, “You want me to leave right now?”
“Along with your reindeer and sleigh!” said the lawyer as he continued holding the door open and let Santa, his missus and the reindeer out.
Mrs Santa stood outside a moment, before she got onto her husband’s sleigh, she watched as a young couple with a baby walked into her home. They sat down next to a crib, in a manger full of hay. She saw cattle with gentle eyes looking into the crib, and she got off her sleigh and walked to the manger. The mother looked up and smiled at her and then she along with the shepherds and angels sang to the baby Jesus who’s celebration it really was…
Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her king
Let every heart prepare him room, and Heaven and Nature sing,
And Heaven and Nature sing, and Heaven, and Heaven and Nature sing!


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