Be Still and Listen..!

“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting system through which God speaks to us every hour if we only tune in.” …. George Washington Carver.
If only we would stop awhile and look at nature at its splendid best, we would realize that God speaks through the budding flower, the lashing rain, the waterfall!
There is a lovely story of young Amanda, unusually simple hearted and deeply religious who decided to write a letter to God. Taking her best stationery, she wrote, “I love you” and addressed her letter to Mr. God, Paradise. She did not put a return address in case the letter was returned and people would think her crazy, but she waited for an answer nevertheless.
Days, weeks, a whole month passed, but no letter came. She consulted an old priest who was amused at her novel way of approaching God and told her, “Don’t worry Mandy, God’s answer will come in due time. But you’ll have to be patient and still, and then he’ll answer.”
Amanda waited and decided she would continue doing so even if it took years. But despite her resolution she often felt hurt by God’s silence, till one day sitting near a brook, she thought she heard a voice nearby. Looking around she saw nobody. She bent over the brook and listened deeply, and she heard the water saying very distinctly, “I love you too!” God was indeed answering her letter.
After this incident, Amanda trained her senses to listen to nature, and heard the words, “I love you too,” in the sigh of the breeze, the whisper of the trees, the rustle of the dry leaves, the twittering of the birds. She even found the sky proclaiming the message in its blueness or in the clouds which formed the letters: ‘I love you too.’
In grateful thankfulness she whispered, “God! All I had to do was to still myself and listen!”
If only we would be still and listen. Stand and watch a rainbow strutting across the sky in its full glory, vividly arranging its colours in perfect symmetry, saying “I love you too my son, I love you too my daughter!”
And with another small story would I like to end: One moonlight night a mother was strolling along a meadow, her little son by her side. His curious eyes took in everything in sight – flowers, trees, houses, birds, and he offered a comment on each one of them.
They rested on the grass, with the little fellow stretched out, his head on his mother’s lap. The lad gazed skyward at the stars in wonder and awe. After a while his mother broke the silence: “What’s on your mind son?” she asked.
He fumbled for words, then finally said, “If the underside of heaven is so beautiful, how wonderful must the real side be!”
Yes, even the silent stars can speak! Be Still and listen..!


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7 thoughts on “Be Still and Listen..!”

  1. Praise the Lord, yes God speaks in different ways, we need to recognize His voice, He hears us even when we are silent without words, so we too need to listen.

  2. Listening to God is not a casual pastime or let’s try it and see stuff. It is the most important thing one should do.
    It awakens and refreshes the soul.

  3. For those who understand His signs , God communicates through tsunamis , hurricanes, floods and earthquakes too.
    He saves those whom He chooses as He did with Noah and his people.

  4. Most of us are too busy running the rat race. Hence we don’t find time to listen to the whispers. Possibly, the pandemic is also a message from the almighty to listen to the whispers…

  5. Silence helps us hear the wind, bird and at night the train at a distance too. To drown the cries of a widow being burnt on the pyre,the instruments were used to made a loud noise before the administration was by the British who reformed customs some of whom offered to marry widows.

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