Bare Necessities..!

I love Jungle Book, especially Balu the bear and his antics. What I love most is the song he sings to little Mowgli:
“Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature recipes
That bring the bare necessities of life”

“And don’t spend your time lookin’ around” sings the bear
‘For somethin’ you want that can’t be found
When you find out you can live without it
And go along not thinkin’ about it
I’ll tell you something true
The bare necessities of life will come to you..!”

In Jules Verne’s novel “The Mysterious Island,” he tells of five men who escape a Civil War prison camp by hijacking a hot air balloon. As they rise into the air, they realize the wind is carrying them over the ocean. Watching their homeland disappear on the horizon, they wonder how much longer the balloon can stay aloft.
As the hours pass and the surface of the ocean draws closer, the men decide they must cast overboard some of the weight, for they had no way to heat the air in the balloon.
Shoes, overcoats, and weapons are reluctantly discarded, and the uncomfortable aviators feel their balloon rise. But only temporarily. Soon they find themselves dangerously close to the waves again, so they toss their food. Better to be high and hungry than drown on a full belly!
Unfortunately, this too, is only a temporary solution, and the craft again threatens to lower the men into the sea. One man has an idea; they can tie the ropes that hold the passenger car and sit on those ropes. Then they can cut away the basket beneath them.
As they sever the very thing they had been standing on, it drops into the ocean, and balloon rises. Not a minute too soon, they spot land.
Eager to stand on terra firma again, the five jump into the water and swim to the island. They live, spared because they were able to discern the difference between what really was needed and what was not. The “necessities” they once thought they couldn’t live without were the very weights that almost cost them their lives.
I had watched a few months back, someone being taken to a hospital. He couldn’t take much, not his car, nor house nor any of his lovely clothes, but he took with him, the love we friends had for him, which he had given us too in abundance, his goodness and a lot of cherished memories.
He smiled as he went and I knew those bare necessities would sustain him.
Remember what the writer to the Hebrews says, “Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles..!”


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9 thoughts on “Bare Necessities..!”

  1. Bane of human life is not telling needs from wants. Simple preferences are taken as matters of life n death. Today people carry their world in their cell phones but in case of being admitted to a hospital, one would not be able to use that much. One becomes depressed if he does not get affection n attention, two important needs in life.

  2. The lure for material possessions has overtaken love, compassion and affection. Human race is running for more and more material comforts, so the concept of bare necessities and more love is hard to sink in !!

  3. With Balu the Bear I can only bear bare necessities. The warm air of smile and laughter, the uplifting joy, needs no land as love drafts are secure enough. I’m traveling lite.

  4. Very interesting stories and profound thoughts! Thanks Bobby for the stories, the song and the reminder of contentment in simplicity of living as God’s Word councels us. Then we’re blessed not stressed in this transient life. We this spread joy.

  5. Bare necessities are all that’s required. The Lord has provided for us so that we never go hungry, we have everything. He provided for the Jews during their long sojourn in the desert. What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you.

  6. You are so right. We move with so much baggage and wonder why we don’t make progress. It requires great courage to drop our petty baggage one by one before it is too late

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