Are You a Root or Leaf?

“A man’s rootage is more important than his leafage.” President Woodrow Wilson.

What people see are your leaves, the outside, your looks, your personality, your social skills, but what they can’t see are your roots; values and principles that ground you.

A happy and fulfilled life grows from a good system of roots.

I remember the story of two trees: Both were planted at the same time and one of them grew quickly into a shapely tree with lovely green leaves. The farmer who planted both the trees was a little disappointed in the other tree which seemed small and dwarfed by it’s neighbour.

What he didn’t know was that the second tree was growing deep roots, that were traveling deeper and more firmly into the ground, while the other was just showing off its beautiful looks.

And then one night a storm came, the farmer heard a loud crash and next day in the morning, he found that the tree which had grown quickly, tall and beautiful had been uprooted, whereas the other tree had stood firm, its roots so deep that the storm had hardly ruffled it.

So what are you: A root or a leaf?
Those people who are rooted, live strong and principled inner lives and leave an important mark on the world. They actually live from the inside out. Their inner convictions guide their actions. Their inner principles govern their lives. It’s like roots, which are sunk deep into lasting values and sustain the tree through whatever hard times may come along.
What does it mean to have good roots? I think it means to be strong enough and healthy enough to do whatever you truly want to do. It means to be strong enough, at least most of the time, to give your best to the world.
Wouldn’t you like to have roots that grow deep and strong. Roots that could give you:
– enough strength to forgive those who hurt me;
– enough confidence to overcome any amount of fear;
– enough courage to accept whatever obstacles life throws my way;
– enough compassion to love even the unlovable;
– enough faith that nothing can shatter your peace of mind.
If I grow good roots, I don’t need to worry about the leafage. I don’t need to bother whether people think I am good looking or confident, because I know what I am, and that’s all that matters.

Are you a root or leaf?


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4 thoughts on “Are You a Root or Leaf?”

  1. I simply love spending time in reflecting on the tree and mirror my life as one but what you put out is really wonderful to check the kind of tree i need to be. As always your articles give life.
    I thank God for your wisdom and courage

    1. Like Zion built on a rock has a deep foundation, a house built on a rock can stand a storm. That built on sand can’t. If we’re deep rooted in God’s Word we can stand the storms of life and are not shaken.

  2. Rooted, that’s what I like to be. Thank you, Sir you bring out the best from each Story that you tell. Looking for more.

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