An Indian Heaven..!

Even as our rupee plunges against the dollar and fuel prices rise, gather yourself and don’t go down. Every country at some point or other goes through such chaos, and comes out when her people gird themselves and stand firm.
Yet, even as you do that, remember the poor. They are hit more than you: Your meal may not have as many vegetables as a month ago; theirs have become two meals or sometimes just one! Give them a helping hand: This is the time your maidservant, watchmen, sweeper and others need you more than ever.
Over the years I have observed that when you help others during your time of need, it builds muscle for you to help yourself. This is a strange law but it is indeed a law which works. I love the story about George who died, and arrived at the “Pearly Gates” St. Peter told him he was going to take him on a tour of heaven and of hell. First, they took a tour of heaven. St Peter and George arrived just in time for dinner—it was in a huge banquet hall and the tables were sagging with the weight of the sumptuous entrees. Everyone was laughing and talking and having a wonderful time. They all looked well-fed and happy. George noticed that everyone had the longest fork he had ever seen—about four feet long!
Then St Peter and George took off for hell. The tables were loaded with food. But everyone looked angry and resentful, and they also looked like they were starving. And again George noticed everyone in hell was holding a four-foot-long fork.
George said to St. Peter, “What’s going on? It looks like the food they serve in hell is just like the food they serve in heaven. But the people in hell seem to be starving to death—they are miserable. What’s the difference between heaven and hell?
St. Peter replied, “In hell, there’s no spirit of giving or of service, they look out only for themselves. But, their forks are four feet long—when they pick up their food with those forks they can’t get it in their mouths. So, they starve. In heaven they all want to serve each other. When someone is hungry, all they do is ask the person on the other side of the table to use his or her fork to pick up some food and feed them. Sometimes people don’t even have to ask. In heaven they feed each other. In hell everyone is so engrossed with looking out for themselves they finally starve.”
Just hold your hand out to help the poor, and there’ll be a heaven on earth for us all ..!


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2 thoughts on “An Indian Heaven..!”

  1. Thank you Bobby for the story that reminds us of Jesus’s words in Matthew where He warned people that those who don’t love their neighbours as they do themselves, will be in hell.If we love God we’ll obey Him

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