An Excitingly Still New Year..!

And as the New Year dawned this morning, there was I am sure a missing feeling for the partying and fun and revelry that has been banned. The rich must have missed paying exorbitant rates to go to five star hotels and others to terrace parties. Out on the streets many missed waiting for the stroke of midnight and bursting crackers, lighting bonfires, also bidding the old man adieu and hugging each other. All because Covid decided there was no need for excitement this New Year!
But our hope is that excitement will return, isn’t it?
And our hope is that this same excitement will continue throughout the year; which is what the world of today wants: Not a Happy New Year but an Exciting New Year: Where every hour is full of something different happening: We’ve had enough of boredom right? Give us fun and laughter, all the time!
Excitement is the keyword!
A few years ago I was at a wedding and after a hectic evening of making speeches and praising bride, bridegroom and all around I sat quietly to have my dinner when I spotted this couple all by themselves. I took my plate and walked across, thinking they’d been left alone because they didn’t know anyone. I was mistaken.
They smiled as I sat by them.
“Bob,” he said, “we decided we needed a change yesterday, from the pressure of work and decided to go for a party. We sat awhile and watched the hustle and bustle and suddenly looked at each other and laughed.”
“Why?” I asked curious.
“Because we suddenly realized what we were missing. We missed the quietness and peace of God in our lives!”
“So what did you do?” I asked still curious.
“Packed our bags and went home,” smiled the wife. “We knew that that same peace could be had anywhere!”
“Even in our problems..”
“Through our business worries..”
“That God’s peace is there with us.”
“That we didn’t need to go out to seek excitement.”
“That His peace is wonderfully exciting and more than enough..”
“I can see you have it,” I said, and watched the others at the reception who needed noise and company and music while here were two who felt a stillness which was wildly exciting.
I walked to my car that night and thanked God for the meeting I had with those two. And this morning as I see the lack of all things exciting, I realize we can like that couple get an excitement out of stillness.
Is this God’s way of saying, “Be still, and know this year that I am God?”
I pray a God above will give that same exciting happiness to all you, His children on earth.
Yes my dear readers, here’s wishing you God’s Wonderfully Still Excitement for this New Year..!

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5 thoughts on “An Excitingly Still New Year..!”

  1. Wish you a very happy Nee Year Bobby. Your articles have brightened many lives also bringing hope and a reassurance. May the good Lord grant you His peace, joy and prosperity through 2022

  2. Happy New Year to you, Latha, girls, sons in law and grand children, Bobby. May the Prince of Peace grant you His peace this year, joy unspeakably,love immeasurable and hope in Him too. God be with you.

  3. His Peace is wonderfully exciting.. Such a contradiction of terms yet so surprisingly True. ! ( it needs both a full stop n an exclamation to describe it.) Found in Christ.

    1. Yesterday, received a message showing a boy asking his friend, “What does new year offer us?
      The friend replied, “365 opportunities.”
      Immediately a thought came to my mind…”and more.”
      Why restrict our thinking. Why should we restrict ourselves?
      In the famous short story, ‘The Cherry Tree’, by Ruskin Bond, the young lad asks the writer,
      “Are Cherry seeds lucky”?
      The writer says, “Nothing is lucky if you put it away.”
      Then they plant the seed…and there comes a big tree, bigger than their expectations and vision.

  4. Truly His peace surpasses human understanding and is more than sufficient. If we seek Him as our source and strength for everything, we will experience His peace and presence at every step all through this year Wish you and your family a grace-filled, safe, joyful, healthy, peaceful and blessed year ahead Bob ?

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