A Risen Lord, Stretched His Arms to Me..!

A Risen Lord stretched out his arms to me!
I smiled at friends as we sat in the bar, “We’ll stand by you through thick and thin,” they slurred drunkenly, and we raised a toast to each other in a stupor of revelry. I looked for those same true friends as I faced dishonour later from biased enemies, not one did I find near me!
But, a Risen Lord, stretched out his arms to me!
I looked at family as they stared back at me. “What love there is over here my God,” I whispered, “with such love nothing else do I need!” I looked for those loved ones as I sat ashamed, admitting to wrong I’d done. “How could you?” they whispered and turned and walked away. “Mercy!” I cried, “Mercy!” But there was none in their eyes and if there was, they’d gone too far away for me to see.
But, a Risen Lord stretched out his arms to me!
She stood before me, while my loved ones left. “I’ll never leave you,” she said and stretched out her sensual hands to wrap around me, “You’re the world’s greatest lover!” she whispered, “Ah how good you are!” I, like David of old, luxuriated in the arms of passion, till one day, infirmity and influenza made my physical prowess weak. I watched as she picked up bed and walked away to lie with another, younger and stronger than me. “Come back,” I cried, but my cry so feeble did not travel farther than me.
And a Risen Lord stretched out his arms to me.
Liquid gold stared back at me from bottled glass. “Drink of me!” said the golden fire, “Sip, swallow, swill down my intoxicating fumes till I carry you on the wings of forgetfulness!” I held glass close to my lonely heart and felt companionship, never felt before. I gulped and felt new strength in my veins and my spirit felt renewed like the eagles. “What a friend you are!” I cried and sprang from my unkept bed only to fall flat on face. Bottled fire laughed as it beckoned me to one more sip. “You liar!” I cried and watched my hand fall, too weak to pick up glass again.
A Risen Lord stretched out his arms to me.
They came and stood around me to watch me die:
My Friends, Loved ones, She and the Bottle!
“Loser!” cried my friends.
“Sinner!” whispered my loved ones.
“Weakling!” mewed the woman.
“Drunk!” spluttered the bottle.
But I stared past and the Risen Lord was still stretching out his arms to me, “God,” I cried and crept broken, weak and shattered to the cross.
I watched as the Risen Christ stretched out his arms to me, “My son!” He cried and I stood at the cross, proud, fearless and whole as His arms wrapped themselves on a new free me..!


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1 thought on “A Risen Lord, Stretched His Arms to Me..!”

  1. So true Bob! Nobody but Jesus stands with us as an unshakeable Rock in life no matter what. Wishing you a Happy Resurrection of our Lord ??

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