A Clutter of Memories..!

“Your bedroom’s a mess!”

“It’s not!” I tell my friends, “It’s a clutter of memories!”

“A clutter of what?” they gasp, “Just look at that air cooler on which all your books are kept, why d’ you need it here when the room’s air conditioned?”

“Ah!” I tell them, “that cooler reminds me of days when my sick father came to stay with me and my little one filled the cooler every night with water and then would quietly add ice from the fridge so dad could have cool breeze during the night. She did it without anyone telling her to, but her actions night after night touched my heart!”

Here’s an experience of someone who was suddenly told to evacuate his house because of an impending fire threat:
“We packed suitcases with a few clothes and toiletries and set them by the door. Then we took a hard look at all that remained. There was a lamp that belonged to my great grandmother. It was a connection to my family.
And there was the piano my wife learned to play when she was a little girl. Not of great value in itself, but another family connection.
We would be leaving an old rocking chair that belonged to her grandfather and handmade quilts and gifts from dear friends and family. All represented connections to people and memories we value, but if we were to be evacuated immediately, we would have no way to move these items.
I’ve never been much attached to things, but the thought of leaving behind these connections to beautiful past incidents saddened me deeply. It’s about what they represented — family and love. Each had a story to tell, and some of them spoke in the voices of our parents and grandparents and a few friends as close to us as family.
The fire never reached our home. We were lucky. And though I felt grateful that all was spared, I realized also just how fortunate I had been in another way. I saw just how rich my life had been in things that brought memories back to me.”

And that’s exactly how I feel as I look at the clutter around me; it’s a clutter of memories that binds me with chords of love! I don’t know whether my friends are convinced, but they don’t call it a mess anymore. They look at an old plaque on the wall, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” I smile and tell them of the many times I’ve fought thinking I’m all alone and then realizing my God is standing by me!

“Could I ever throw out that plaque?” I ask. They smile, walk into my sitting room, and don’t criticize my old rocking chair, which has another clutter of memories..!


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6 thoughts on “A Clutter of Memories..!”

  1. So relevant to my current situation, I’m moving to an apartment because we are putting our house on rent.. I have been living in this house for last 15 yrs , it’s difficult to pick what I leave and what I take 🙁 , everything is related to some memory from the past.

  2. You brought out all my childhood memories and many others live in front of my eyes, Bob.

    We are emotional creatures and ought to be connected to our belongings and our surrounding.

    Very well explained. I sincerely connected.

  3. Nice one…
    Thank you
    Thank God…
    Memories can sometimes be sad.
    By God’s grace, if one can move to a position of thankfulness…that would be added grace i guess. Thank God

  4. Thank you Bobby, for the write up that resonates with me. MyBible given to me for my confirmation has my late mother’s hand writing so beautiful, as she had filled in my name, the date etc.ASongs andSolos book has my late father’s clear handwriting filling in the same details. A letter written by a late aunt. My late brother’s 3dimentional Christmas card’s there. ❤

  5. Thank you Bob for stirring up the nostalgic memories in me. Our piano, which my dad bought second hand almost 60 years ago and on which I learnt to play, occupies a prime place in our living room. Now with me working outside Bangalore, it is a forgotten heirloom. With the electronic keyboards available in the market, this piano has not been tuned for many many years since tuners too are not available.

    I see the dining table and chairs. This was bought more than 30 years ago when I was posted in our project site. My children then were small. This table doubled up as a cot for the children when relatives dropped into our small house in our colony. The list is endless, but the memories are priceless.

    Thank you Bob for bringing the past alive.

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