Your Lil Room..!

“When I’m down and out, I get stuck in my room!” said my philosophical friend Sam.

“Depression?” I asked, “It’s not a good thing!”

“Who’s talking about depression,” said Sam as he took me into his room, “What does the ceiling tell you?”

“Oh it speaks to you does it?” I asked in mock seriousness looking up.

“Yes it does,” said Sam, “Look up Bob, look what it’s saying all the time!”

I looked up and from its loftiness I heard a message, “Aim high!”

“Wow!” I said, “and to think I’ve never listened.”

“And didn’t you hear what my door said when you walked in?” asked Sam.

“No,” I said and then stared hard at the door, till I heard a deep rumble, “Push hard to achieve Bob!”

“The clock is speaking!” I whispered.

“Every second, every second, every second, every second!”

“What’s it trying to say?” I asked Sam

“Every second counts!”

“This is cool!” I said.

“You’ve taken the words from my mouth!” said a voice above my head and as I looked up I heard the gentle whisper of the fan blades saying, “Be cool! Be cool!”

“Sam!” I said, “does every room speak as yours does?”

“You just have to listen hard,” said Sam with a grin, “most of us don’t, we just throw ourselves into bed in despair and close our ears to gentle advice all around, look at yourself in the mirror Bob!”

“You want me to look at myself?”

“No listen to it!”

I did and from the tall glass I heard a mercurial voice say, “Always reflect before you act!”

“That, has been my problem,” I said looking at the mirror, “hey I’m talking back to it!”

“Of course you will!” said Sam, “You can argue with them, even throw a tantrum, but what they have to say doesn’t change a bit!”

“Maybe I’m old fashioned!” I said, “and this room talking stuff is a little hard to believe!”

“There’s someone on the wall who has to say something about that,” said Sam smiling at the calendar.

“Be up to date!” whispered the calendar to me.

“Yes I will!” I said, “Yes I will!”

I moved to the window and looked out, “See the world!” said the window opening herself wider.

“Yes,” said Sam, “when you have a world perspective, your problems automatically grow smaller!”

I went back home, lay on my bed, listened hard and heard gentle voices speaking to me; words of wisdom!

Listen to your own lil room today..!


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4 thoughts on “Your Lil Room..!”

  1. Lovely…..and my alarm screams at me “wake up sleepyhead! Read the finest gems of wisdom on Bob’s banter today and every day!”

    Thank you for being the BEST in what you do.

  2. It’s called ‘self-talk’ in psychology..
    Except that it shouldn’t become too often and too intense… Then … chances of split personality disorders may follow …….

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