Sharing From Our Little..!

Every morning, I sit in my garden and read my newspapers! It’s about the happiest time of my day as I also feed the birds and squirrels and watch them shed their timidity and come close to get a morsel of bread that’s fallen close to where I sit. Very often it’s the last piece for the day, and it’s a brave crow that hops towards me looking me in the eye, then takes his next bold step, again looking directly at me, then darts the last stretch, grabs that last piece and flies triumphantly to his perch on a tree.
That’s when I hear another cry out to him, and without a moment’s hesitation, same brave heart flies across, and puts that bit of his bread into the other’s mouth!
It’s the most beautiful sight I see most mornings: Sharing from its little! And that ‘little’ which it has earned through an act of bravery, feeds another crow with a greater need than his or one less courageous!
Another caring act I recollect, was this childless uncle and aunt of mine, for whom I was like a son, and as they ate I would watch my uncle quickly and quietly pass something delicious from his plate to hers. It was a wonderfully tender moment, in which he shared something which gave him joy for her to enjoy.
Sharing from your little is very different from giving from your much, isn’t it? What drives that crow to hop so close to danger to get that piece of bread? Hunger! And yet what makes it hear another’s cry, fly over and feed it despite, in spite, of its own hunger and after an act of bravery? Compassion!
When the need of another, far outweighs our own, then what we feel is tender hearted love, and humanity!
Are we waiting for our millions, when we become another Bill Gates or are our ears open to the cries of the poor even as we bravely earn our little?
I see my uncle passing that little something to my aunt, will I also see you giving from your little?




5 thoughts on “Sharing From Our Little..!”

  1. If we all have, a little…hey, it would be multiplication instead of division !! Truly, a point to ponder! Lovely article…all soul!

  2. Very well conveyed message.
    Many use the word giving and sharing interchangeably
    Like they say “joy of giving “
    You have also used the word giving in your last sentence.
    In my opinion the word “giving” is like gifting or giving in charity which exhibits one’s generosity.
    On the contrary, sharing is a more appropriate and modest word which means we are sharing with our fellow beings what God has bestowed upon us by his mercy and kindness.
    Similarly “giving advice” assumes we are at a higher intellectual or spiritual level.
    On the other hand “Sharing experience “ is a more modest way of conveying the message. Here too we are only putting our intellect, gifted by God to share our thoughts which may help our fellow beings.
    PS : please do not take my comments seriously.

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