Nothing Comes Easy..!

It’s been a hard day of trekking for me in Ephesus, Turkey, but what I’ve learnt I don’t think I could have picked up from any encyclopedia or Google search. Gary Player for years was a great competitor in national and international golf tournaments. People constantly said to him, “I’d give anything if I could hit a golf ball like you.”
Upon hearing that comment one day, Player responded impatiently: “No, you wouldn’t. You’d do anything to hit a golf ball like me, if it were easy! Do you know what you have to do to hit a golf ball like me? You’ve got to get up at 5:00 every morning, go out to the golf course, and hit a thousand golf balls! Your hands start bleeding, you walk to the clubhouse, wash the blood off your hands, sign a check to pay off your home loan, slap a bandage on, and go out and hit another thousand golf balls! That is what it takes to hit a golf ball like me!”
His goal was to be at the top of his sport, buy the best car, own the hottest real estate: Those lofty dreams required consistency!
That isn’t easy at all; everything works against our being consistent but if you get the hang of it, you can make money, even if you’re working from home and come out a winner!
You gotta be consistent no matter what your background and circumstances are, for you are responsible for who you become!
You gotta see that you keep on going long after you can’t!
You gotta carry on no matter how you feel, whether you’ve gotta a headache, worried about paying your car loan, just plod on!
You gotta be firm in controlling your attitude or my friend it will control you!
You gotta be persistent in doing what has to be done when it needs to
be done, regardless of time or consequences.
You gotta work hard in forgiving others and quite often learning to forgive yourself!
You gotta be ruthless with yourself in pickin’ up your stuff and movin’ on because no matter how bad your dating plans are going or how disarranged your arranged marriage is, you can’t tarry too long with your grief!
You gotta work on not arguing about everything; that two people can look at the exact same thing; an insurance policy; one sees death the other opportunity and both are true and right!
You gotta be so dependable in your friendship, that even when you think you have no more to give with your credit card balance zero and a friend cries out to you, you have to find the strength to help!
Even as I lie tired in my bed after the trek, I think of the postage stamp; its usefulness lies in its ability to stick on till it gets there..!


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2 thoughts on “Nothing Comes Easy..!”

  1. Very true Robert , nothing comes easy in this world…we have to strive everyday for everything we want .

  2. My mischievous brother in school was in a different class from his own and my dad punished him before his principal. Before going to school he had to salute my dad holding up2fingers saying, ‘attention and hard work.’ Consistent work to reach a goal yields profits.

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