Spent an evening at the club, with a gentleman who knew one of India’s billionaires when he was coming up, “I knew him when he was struggling,” he said, “And I helped him a bit!”

“You must be great friends now!” I said.

“I suppose we are!” he said loyally, “But he’s a very busy man. Do you know that even if he gives me five minutes, that five minutes could make him a million dollars elsewhere?”

I thought about that, and then while I was going through the WhatsApp status of some of those I know, found that many had a ‘Busy’ marked on same status. Most of them are busy people, and have every right to put such a warning up, but even as I looked at that word, I realized that what it meant was, “I have no time for you!”

I have only time to make the next million!

I have time to see the next businessman.

I have time but it’s mine.


Illinois Editor Jeriah Bonham recalled that Abraham Lincoln always had time for his children, one day he went to see the very busy president, who was playing with Tad and Willie, his two sons, “Tad was spinning a top and Mr Lincoln had just finished adjusting the string for him, so it would give the top greater force when it was whirled off on the floor!”

Was Abraham Lincoln a busy man? I would think that with handling the civil war, with half of America wanting to break away from the Union, every single moment must have been precious, but he realized that as important as the nation was, his children needed his time.

When I think of an all-seeing God, looking after the whole world, the question that pops up is, “Isn’t He too busy to bother about me?”

No, He isn’t.

Even as Abe’s sons knew they could reach out to their father anytime, even in his busiest moments, we know we can do the same with God.

But I’d like to take it a step farther today, that even as God has time for anybody and everybody, we need to also be in a position to put aside anything we are doing, when we see an old friend, or somebody in need, and give enough of your time so when he or she leaves, they leave with a smile knowing you were not too busy for him or her! Do you know how much it can lift somebody’s spirit to know that you a ‘busy’ person, was not too busy for them?

Are you busy making another million?

Try giving that time to someone and you’ll realize the joy you get in return is a million times a million!



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