Loose and Unprotected..!

I remember seeing this ad for a motorbike, with a handsome hunk riding it.

What a bike, what a machine, what a guy, what a helmet.

I looked at the ad. At the four stroke state of the art engineering marvel, that responded to full throttle by breaking through performance barriers…….whatever that meant.

I looked at the sheer excitement on the young man’s face, as he looked at the road ahead and as he felt the slim arms that held his waist…

slim, dressed casually in a pair of jeans and T-shirt, her glasses were perched high on her head as she sat behind and looked with excitement at the road ahead………

the smart helmet on her man’s head, made him look like a gladiator ready for the kill. It sat firmly on his head, and the bottom part went round his chin, so that if he ever fell, his head was safe……..

the visor was half up, so that even he would not be shut off from the powerful force of the wind and rushed head on onto man and machine……….

and she, with eyes streaked with tears of excitement and grime and dust, with hair flying loose and head unprotected……..

loose and unprotected…….

yes, loose and unprotected……..

no helmet on her head, like her man in front. Nothing in between her and instant death……..

I looked at the ad., and anger boiled within me………

was only his life precious enough, that he alone wore protection………….

a pillion, falling to the ground, fragile, unshielded, defenceless, ……. Head crushed like an eggshell……..

what selfish guy would make his loved one sit behind, with her lovely head, inches from death’s door.

A young teenage girl asked her father if it was okay if she rode pillion on her fiancés bike.

“Does he have a helmet?” asked the father.

“Of course he does,” said the girl testily.

“And does he have one for you? If he doesn’t, not only should you not sit behind, but think again whether he really cares for you enough?”

I agree with that father, and as I look out and watch those innocent helmetless pillion riders, sitting behind, vulnerable, unguarded and exposed. I wish they would realize that the rider in front, with or without a helmet is a murderer sitting in front…

Yes dear pillion rider; if you are on a bike with only the rider wearing a helmet, please realise he doesn’t care for you..!


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3 thoughts on “ Loose and Unprotected..!”

  1. Recently attended the funeral of our son’s classmate who was riding pillion without a helmet. Extremely sad, to say the least. A young & promising life snuffed out at 21.

  2. Now there’s a hefty fine to be paid by those who don’t wear helmets. A man was heard shouting for help as his head in a helmet was stuck between two buses. Yet a close friend of mine died in an accident though he had his helmet on when a van wrongly came from a side road, hit his bike and him and perhaps before a bus that started when the signal changed. But even in a car, wearing a helmet is a good safety measure. The1 st baby of my late brother in law,died of internal brain haemorage though in a car.

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