Little Bonsai Tsunamis..!

It was at most a storm which fooled all of us. “Aha!” we thought, “the Congress is getting its act together! They are finally beginning to notice they are sliding down an abyss towards obscurity! Their leaders are raising a comeback flag! Hurrah!”
But all that happened was a whimper, maybe a seven-hour squeal, that ended with no change!
And maybe it’s, ‘change’ that frightens these venerable gentlemen and ladies.
“What if in the change, we get someone who’s style of functioning is different?”
“Who won’t be swayed with, ‘Good morning madam, we hope your son is in good health looking after the coffee and rubber planters and their plantations in Kerala!”
“Someone who won’t change their names to Gandhi or Nehru?”
Change frightens! Because change is a step into the unknown. With all that Advani did for the Hindutva movement, he felt uneasy to trust Mr Modi spearheading the party, though that huge change catapulted the BJP to power!
Change can never be a makeshift change. Sometime back I went for a board meeting where a newly elected chairman had the previous chairman sitting next to him, directing him as to what to say and do. This is like ‘old wine in new bottles’ and never makes any difference to the organization.
But coming back to the storm in a virtual teacup which just took place, it reminded me of a home quite close to mine, where family fights frequently take place. For a period of nearly an hour it’s like the sky is falling on their heads: Mother shouts at daughter, daughter shouts back even louder, and in the middle of the screaming and yelling, plates and pans come crashing down.
But nobody goes to intervene.
The first time I heard it, I cried out to my wife, “Shouldn’t we get an ambulance?”
“Watch!” said my wife, and after an hour or a little more, we saw both mother and daughter leaving the house together in their car. The fight had been just a little tamasha to clear the air for them.
Is that what these Congress tsunamis are?
Just before this teacup storm, we saw one in Rajasthan, which also fizzled out like a deflated balloon. “Come on Madam and Son, there’s work for you to do, “Put your hand into the teacup, draw out the little storm in there and blow life into it. Let it grow into a full- blooded tempest, tumultuous, disturbing, troublesome, and offensive. Out of which turbulence will spring leaders or a leader, who will build a strong opposition!”
“Till that happens, your teacups, may even be gifted to you by the ruling party; golden, diamond studded crystal ones, in which you can have your little bonsai tsunamis..!”


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4 thoughts on “Little Bonsai Tsunamis..!”

  1. Doesn’t look like things will ever change on the political scenario. The country is suffering on account of the greedy, corrupt and shameless politicians.

  2. “Tsunami in tea cup” . Well said Bob.
    “Gandhi” brand is so powerful that Congress cannot exist without it. Most Congress leaders are aware of this and know that their survival for power, position and money depends on this brand. So for them “status quo” rather than change is a preferred option.

  3. I think of clay voices like the feet of the statue in Nebuchadnezzars dream were made of as a symbol of weakness of character of rulers, who silence the voices that question their integrity,injustice and ways

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