‘I Have A Rottweiler!’ He Said Angrily..!

It was the sound of my gate opening.
I rushed out and stopped the young lad from Jio who had stepped in with his bundle of wire, “Didn’t you see the Beware of Dog sign?” I asked, “He’s a huge German Shepherd, who doesn’t hesitate to bite once someone steps in!”
“I have a Rottweiler!” said the lad raising his voice.
I smiled as I yelled, “No!” and stopped my dog, from rushing at him.
I walked into my house with my dog in tow, and then it hit me, I realized what the boy was trying to say to me, “I have a bigger dog than you!”
What I had done was warn him about opening the gate without pressing the bell, but in his mind, I had made him feel small, and he had to prove that ‘his was bigger than mine!’
I see this attitude all over.
And it’s not just about Rottweiler dogs and German-Shepherds!
What do we teach our children when the ‘take home gifts’ are bigger and costlier than the gifts brought by the children for your child?
Have you ever thought of just bringing back plain fun into a party?
Or look outside, and see cars owned by us and our neighbours, competing with each other to show, how, ‘mine is bigger than yours’
Do we even have roads to drive the SUV monsters that are bought nowadays?
“When was the last time you drove out of the city, after buying this four-wheel drive?” I ask.
“Not yet!” says the owner as he instructs the watchman to wash even the tires every morning.
I remember once taking part in a singing event, where one had to also attend rehearsals. Realizing that many came tired from work, a few of the members offered to bring brownies or chips or a few goodies for the members. We were delighted, till one day I saw a feast spread out for all the members, with food from a Five Star hotel, and with even food boxes to take home.
“Was someone showing off their Rottweiler?” I wondered.
Cathedrals used to be built to show the awesomeness of God, till someone walking through the woods or watching a sunset, saw a mighty God in the simplicity of stillness!
Through your stillness, should your greatness be seen.
Through your humility should your power be felt.
Through your compassion and love should your character be noticed.
I look at my German-Shepherd, who looks up at me, “Don’t bite him!” I chuckle, “He’s got a Rottweiler!” And did I see my dog grin, before we both howl with laughter inside my house..!




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