Hitting Below the Belt..!

As fair play evolved and even warfare rules changed from barbaric methods to slightly more civilized ways, certain unsporting practices were frowned on, and finally declared as foul. In sports, one of them, was hitting below the waist, or in boxing lingo, ‘below the belt!’
The term, moved from just boxing, to describing any form of behavior that was unfair.
Not only were rules framed but defensive gear introduced: In cricket the batsmen wears appropriate shields, called abdomen guards, so a fast, stray ball is stopped from causing injury to a vulnerable area of the batsman’s body.
But what does the poor journalist, activist, or anybody who speaks out against the powerful wear for protection against unfair body blows rained on them?
There’s no umpire or referee blowing a whistle, holding up a yellow card or shouting foul!
An actress is accused of abetting the suicide of an actor, and instead of moving head-on to prove her role in the hanging, today she is in jail for taking drugs.
Another actress talks boldly against a state government, flies to the city to find her office demolished!
TV anchors and TV channels find Income raids coming their way for asking questions!
No Democracy should allow this.
Democracy is the only form of governance that calls for a fair fight. Debates or arguments are allowed, and like boxers in a boxing ring, blow traded for blow, with no participant playing foul.
What happens when a boxer hits below the belt? Apart from the referee decrying it foul, the public howl, and bay for the blood of the spoilsport.
But wait, let’s have an imaginary scene where the public react otherwise: When Mike Tyson bites off Evander Holyfield’s ear! Imaginary, okay!
“Ladies and gentleman!” shouts the boxing referee, “Tyson has bitten off Evander’s ear! Look at that! What a great bite! Look at earless Holyfield, bloodied and defeated! He deserves it! Great job Tyson! Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the next World Heavyweight champion!”
And the public, yell and shout and clap their hands with glee, reveling in the absolute unfairness of one boxer engaging and even winning in a ‘hitting below the belt’ act!
What happens after that?
He bites the ear of every opponent, and soon it becomes a recognized boxing technique, not just in the World Heavyweight championships but in every boxing match and street fight, till everybody goes around with a part of their ear chewed off.
Are you waiting for that?
If a violent sport like boxing could condemn an act like that, then a beautiful system like democracy, a gentle country like ours, should also do the same.
Fight fair: Punch for punch; responsible government reply to a fearless citizen’s question and criminal investigation only for accused crime.
It all depends on you spectators, if you want no more ‘hitting below the belt’ scenes..!


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6 thoughts on “Hitting Below the Belt..!”

  1. Democracy is slowly ebbing away. Lawlessness is creeping in our country. A partial Government can only spell doom. The PM tells his dumb followers to go and speak to the farmers regarding the new farm bill and they go and speak not with their mouths but with lathis and hands. Amazing, and they call it democracy?????

    1. If freedom needs guardians, then freedom of speech also needs guardians. WE THE PEOPLE, the whole populace of a country must protect democracy. If one or two people speak he, or they, will be beaten up but if one lakh people stand together against a rogue, who can resort to violence to silence them?

  2. A brute majority today rules the roost! And since ages ” Might is Right “. Fair play & justice are today meek bystanders. Don’t see any change coming in in the near future.

  3. I read a column yesterday by Ramchandra Guha titled, How India in the 2020s resembles Italy in the 1920s – where he refers to a book by Canadian scholar, Fabio Fernando Rizi. We are living today in a different India which wasn’t 50 or 60 years ago.

  4. I think the problem is very deep in the society. Everyone wants to be the winner by hook or by crook. Whether they be politicians, businessmen, sports people, celebrities or even the media. The ethical and moral values take a back seat. We know abt the drug abuse in most sports activities including Olympics !!
    The biggest sufferers in this process are the very people who support them.

  5. Excellent article Bobby. It was so good to read Adils and Achees responses. I always thought and still do think as they do. So I sign petitions,make petitions to God to protect protesters against injustice through media or marches and had even joined such marches.

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