Eyeball Your Vaccine Jab..!

“Bob, here’s a pic of me, taking the vaccine jab!”
So many pics floating all over of friends, elderly uncles and aunts, and political leaders getting the vaccine jab, but not one photo, shows them looking at the shot being administered!
There’s a smile on their faces, though tension is very apparent, their eyes look at the camera, though eyes also betray their thoughts elsewhere, but no, oh no, we don’t look at cruel needle breaking through sensitive skin, do we?
Ours was but to agree to the jab, ours not to see it done!
“Hey!” shouts pained skin to your furtive eyes, “Look and see what you have done! I’ve gone from brown to red, and I think I’m growing blue! Look!”
“Help!” shouts the muscles of our arm, “We’re growing stiff! We think we’re going to die! Do something, you asked to be jabbed, now look and see the result!”
But, with steadfast eyes, we gaze ahead!
‘Ours, not to see it done!’ whisper our eyes silently.
“Look at me!” says your former employee outside your gate, “You fired me during the lockdown. I trekked back to my native place. My mother died on the way. My wife is sick after the walk! Look at me!” he shouts standing bedraggled, worn and tired at your gate, or is it in the periphery of your mind?
“I don’t need to look at you!” you shout.
And from all round come the cries of millions, “You focused hatred on our community!” shout the minority, “to get your votes! Now look at the hatred it has unleashed! You got your seat in Parliament, I lost mine as a once loved neighbour of my locality, as a citizen of this country!”
“Ours not to see it happen, ours but to order it done!” they sneer, and look straight ahead.
It takes guts to look at the jab being given. “Don’t look, you may faint!” we caution ourselves.
Go ahead, look!
Look at the man you are about to fire, see beyond your decrease in profits!
Look at that man who worships in a way different from yours, see beyond the votes you can garner with your hate speech.
See the painful effect of jab entering skin.
Feel the pain of a million nerves crying out in agony. Watch blood that spreads onto your skin, and spills over onto the map of our beloved land!
Turn your head away from the camera, and let instead those coward’s eyes of yours turn to see the jab, and the pain it causes! Feel the hurt of bloodied countrymen looking at you with hurting eyes, whispering, “Are we a sacrifice for your upliftment?”
It’s not too late to look at draconian jabs administered day in and day out!
Eyeball your vaccine jab..!


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5 thoughts on “Eyeball Your Vaccine Jab..!”

  1. Yes, we avoid looking at the jab lest it scares us seeing the needle pierce the skin. We do, however, address the adverse reaction, if any, for a follow-up as required. But do we care for the dispossessed and offer some anodynic measures..?

  2. The poor are only a means to get votes and for using them in ways advantageous to the rich .
    Their pain and anguish in life , and situations that matter most to them are never seen or understood.
    These indigent and ignorant people are now being used to promote the vaccine by telecasting their ‘smiles’ !

  3. You beautifully tied up the fact with the story that the poor go unheard, misused and uncared for. We r blind to their pain,too indifferent to speak up for them and too busy to care. We may be too scared to speak up.

  4. Well brought out the scenario of our country. We all need to face the reality now or the consequences later.

  5. This us really an Eye Opener post Bob…So well metaphorically put to the Jab of the Bloodshed and Atrocities going on in the World…Why look away when it’s all happening in front of our eyes??

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