Corona Virus Cure for You..!

No, this is not some fancy mumbo-jumbo about mixing carrot juice with onion peel, and topping it off with a peg of vodka to keep the dreaded virus away. Nor, is it a religious concoction of putting your hands on the TV set for healing!
Something I’ve observed in any illness is that a positive mind builds immunity, and fear kills. I once read that the witch doctors in Africa, after telling a man they had cast a death spell on him, would then beat their drums day and night within hearing distance of the victim’s home, and as the man heard the constant drumbeat, he became so fearful, he became sick and died.
Fear kills, and the fear that is being spread throughout the world about this virus, is already killing our immunity, by trampling on our positivity.
Many years ago, I lay on my bed dying. In my book DARE, I have mentioned the doctor, had given me a few hours to live, and said I would not last that night.
But I did. But to continue to recover I was told I had to lie still on my bed, and I did for three months.
You can well imagine, how fearful it is to lie in bed for ninety days, in constant dread that today could be your last, and so I started praying. “God heal me, heal me, heal me!” I would cry, till one day, something made me think, if I could do something different everyday than whimpering like a witch doctor’s victim.
I decided I would spend my time praying for others.
It was a strange decision, but I started doing it. Not just for my family, but friends and even people I had just become acquainted with. Not hastily made up prayers but in depth ones, asking God to help them in their business, their family lives etc.
In so doing I forgot about my illness. Fear disappeared and a new positivity took over as later I would call someone I’d prayed for and be told how suddenly things were looking good in their lives.
I was healed completely, and today am healthy enough to play a round of cricket!
Even as we have been forced to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, what about using harmless, virus free technology like our phone, email, or whatsapp, to speak to those closer to the virus effects, telling them they are not alone, that you are keeping them in constant prayer?
What about speaking to those who are afraid, telling them you are thinking of them.
Remember the story of the visitor who was shown heaven and hell. Both had men and women sitting at a table with long spoons, which were too long to be brought close to their mouths. In hell they starved, in heaven they fed each other and lived.
Let us use those long spoons which are too long to help our own selves, to instead, reach out and help others. To bolster each other up with prayer, encouragement, and caring, and hey presto, there’s healing for us..!




DARE by Robert Clements.
It will change your life.

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  1. True in 1970, when the famed yellow fever break out.. my relatives had come from Africa,they were quarantined at the famous yellow fever hospital close to the airport, I was a kid, still my father, took me to wave a hand at them .I am alive till day..

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