Moving House
Kashmir and Sons of the Soil..!
Even as I hear jubilation from all corners of India, and men and women clothed in saffron and otherwise, expressing
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Let Your Rolex Go Missing..!
’Twas just the other day I read about a contest which offered a luxury sedan as a prize, and I
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Kashmir peace
Kashmir: A Healing..!
Without going into the merits or demerits of the events in Kashmir, I feel that India has the biggest opportunity
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Sushma Swaraj
RIP Sushma Swaraj..!
It’s been just over three years ago, I heard that my closest friend, a novelist, dramatist, and also a newspaper
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Spinning wheel
Being UnIndian..!
With patriotism being questioned, sedition being defined and a strange nationalism being the criteria for motherland loyalty, we may have a confused
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Singing In the Kitchen..!
It’s an old house in the outskirts of Bangalore. I marvel at the fact they have not pulled it down.
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Pick up the baton
Pick Up the Baton and Run..!
Quite often I meet people who tell me about what they would have become if they had made some right
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Train Travel
Why Did I Take the Train?
“Why did you take the train?” asked my friend, as he met me on the platform and stared curiously at
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open grave
The Open Grave..!
’Twas an open grave I passed on my way out of the cemetery: Quite often gravediggers dig graves beforehand and
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angry father
How Dare You..!
A young girl, known to me, wrote to a priest saying very politely that though she respected him, she was
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Suicide and an anchor
Suicide and an Anchor..!
As I read about the suicide of Café Coffee Day’s Siddhartha I realized that slowly but surely, suicides in the
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Alligator in a Gutter
Alligator in a Gutter..!
You and I have seen videos of snakes being pulled out of flats and bungalows, but I was pretty astounded
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