Asleep On Their Jobs..!

“…Sleeping on your job can get you sacked says Supreme Court…”
The Times of India

Visited a government office yesterday and a job that could have been finished in half an hour took three, all because of employees sleeping on their job. That’s when I remembered a Supreme Court judgement that said if you slept on your job, you could be sacked!
“I have been sleeping on my job for thirty- five years,” said a government employee,” and nobody has caught me yet! You want to know how? Tell me you want to know my secret? Arrey just sleep with your eyes open! That’s all. When somebody comes and sits in front of your desk, go on sleeping. They will sit for sometime while you are sleeping, then they will politely say something. All I do then is grunt or snore. The poor fellow thinks I have said something and he sits for five minutes more then he says something, I snore again and open my desk drawer. The fellow puts in fifty rupees, I sleep, then he puts hundred rupees, I still sleep, then he puts five hundred, I get up.”
“What do you do then?”
“Areey bhai, I close the drawer and go back to sleep with my eyes open! He goes away. I have my sleep, his job is done!”
A bank employee who had been listening to the government servant whispered, “I sleep with my eyes closed.”
“How you are able to do that?”
“I look down at some account book and have my forty winks.”
“Only forty nah?”
“Sometimes fifty, hundred, thousand!”
“And the customer?”
“He thinks I am busy buried in my accounts and he is scared to disturb me.”
“Nationalised bank nah, I can shout if he wakes me up and tell him to come tomorrow!
That is why we are against privatization!”
“I have been asleep on my job for the last four years!” said a politician who was a member of the House.
“You have your eyes open?”
“You have it closed?”
“Sometimes open sometimes closed. I just sleep on my job that’s all.”
“How you do that?”
“I was given job to be peoples representative no? I have official car. Official house. Official office. But what I do? I go to sleep. I do not build roads, I do not clean city. I do not listen to people. What I do? I fall asleep. Then what I do? I become my own representative. I buy house. I buy cars. I buy gold. I buy what I want. See I sleep on job and become rich!”
“Ha, ha, ha,!” laughed all three.
“What are you three laughing about?”
“No judge will ever convict us!”
“Because people are blind. Nobody can see we are asleep on our jobs! Ha, ha, ha ..!


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6 thoughts on “Asleep On Their Jobs..!”

  1. A powerful and great column indeed about the corruption rampant in our country.
    The interesting fact about your writing is you say it without actually saying it.
    I love the dialogues.

  2. Only money talks. Till their palms are greased, they turn a blind eye to us and a deaf ear to our words.The promise of the govt. being onJesus’s shoulders is the hope thatTheOnlyOne who is, was and wiil be ever in charge neither slumbers not sleeps.He’s in control.

  3. Sleeping on the job, is the main cause of countless road accidents, innocent people falsely accused n spending years in jails; children receiving poor medical treatment in government hospitals. The list goes on. What a shame. Oh Lord when will this state of affairs end???

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