A Maharaja visits the White House..!

It was while President Trump was recovering from his tryst with the virus and looking at the newspapers, that he saw in the corner of the Lincoln Room, in the White House, a Maharaja! Now there are many who will say that the virus, it causes one to be delirious and I will grant you it does, but Trump, he swears it was a Maharaja, “Whoa! Whoa!” shouted the American president, “What are you doing here Maharaja?”
“I have come to give you some advice, Mr President, but first you should get your Income Tax officials, Police Chief and even Judges to come and attend this meeting!”
The poor President who despite news to the contrary is still recovering from the deadly attack, looked first at the Maharaja and wondered if he was hallucinating and Vice President Pence should take over, “Why should I call all these officials here?” he asked feebly.
“Because of this,” said the Maharaja as he opened different newspapers and also the President’s laptop, and showed him dozens of cartoons about the President, “They are making fun of you Mr President!”
“Yes, yes, I know,” mumbled Trump.
“Which is why you should call all these officials! Once your Revenue Department go into the accounts of all the cartoonists, once police jail all the journalists, and your courts arrest your activists for sedition, or writing under the influence of drugs, then you will have everything under control!”
“Is that how you did things Maharaja?” asked Trump.
“Did?” asked the Maharaja.
“Yes, did!” mumbled Trump, “I know you guys are no more in power and even your titles have been taken away!”
“You are very mistaken Mr President, our titles may be officially taken away, but we still reign as Maharajas with all the power and privileges of before!”
“You mean you still arrest a journalist for sedition because he wrote against you?” asked the American President incredulously.
“Yes Mr President!”
“And you still put an activist in jail on trumped up charges of drug dealing? And turn revenue officials on those who speak against you?” asked Trump getting up from his bed and staring at the Maharaja.
“Yes Mr President!”
“And you reign as a Maharaja over your kingdom?”
“Yes Mr President, but for the official records we call it a Democratic Republic!” said the Maharaja with a grin. “Now go ahead Mr President, do what I do, arrest your critics for sedition! Say, that their funds are coming from England!”
“England?” asked a puzzled Trump.
“That England is trying to get back its former territory! And you know what’s the best part?”
“What?” asked Trump.
“The silly people believe everything!”
“That’s true!” said Trump, and this time both the Maharaja and the American President laughed out loud…!


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5 thoughts on “A Maharaja visits the White House..!”

  1. Bobby, your brilliant piece of work deserves applause that resounds in the ears of those whose policy is such na suno. Those who r following the policy, such na dekho,choose to ignore the obvious malpractices of the draconian govt.Such na bolo, the practice of the Godi media, is challenged by your insightful article packaged in an interesting, imaginative and intelligent story that reveals the state of affairs in our country in the hands of masterminds of crimes they organize to take land belonging to the farmers, Adivasis, lepers and eyeing institutions of Christians covetously now.

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