The Secretary’s Business Visit..! 

“Mr. Singh, our housing society secretary is coming to visit us now,” said the wife, putting down the phone.

“Why?” I asked, “have we been using too much water? Have our kids broken any windows? Did our dog bite his maid?”

“This is not an official visit,” said my wife wearily, “he said it was a business visit.”

The doorbell rang and Mr. and Mrs. Singh entered with a box of sweets, “Good evening, good evening,” said Mr. Singh, smiling from ear to ear, “We have been waiting to visit you for a very long time, we have heard so much about you.”

“I did not know I was that famous,” I said slightly puzzled. “I wonder who has talked about me?”

“No, no we do not listen to rumours,” said Mrs. Singh sweetly, “it is your wife who has said so much about you. We heard you are wanting to make an investment,” said Mr. Singh, “I thought that since we are neighbours and now friends, it is my duty to help you in this matter. All my friends have benefited from my advice, why not you? “Here let me show you some good properties for sale. See this is a new housing society coming up in the queen of the suburbs. Very close to the station. Close to schools and close to the market. It will have super luxurious duplex bungalows.”

“How much?” I stuttered, “is this super- duper place?”

“Only five crores,” said Mr. Singh, beaming at me.

“Mr. Singh let me not waste your time but….” I said.

“Ah then a flat, a three bedroom flat with modern amenities. Spartek flooring, granite kitchen, tiled bathrooms?”

“I think I will take only the amenities,” I whispered.

“You have a very tight budget I think,” said Mr.Singh looking curiously at me.

“So tight that it hurts to talk about it,” I replied, sweating profusely.

“I think I have the right flat for you and yes with loan facilities,” said Mr Singh.

“Could they give me the loan facilities,” I asked desperately, “without me buying the flat?”

Mr. and Mrs. Singh looked at each other, then stared at my wife who was staring angrily at her toes. Mr. Singh came up to me and asked, “What kind of amount sir, are you thinking of investing?”

“There is some misunderstanding,” I said in a squeaky voice. “what I told my wife yesterday was that I would like to invest some of my time to help you run the society!”

“I think we have just wasted our time,” said Mr. Singh, grabbing the box of sweets and going to the door.

“And,” said Mrs. Singh, going up to my wife and looking at her pityingly, “I think you have made a very bad investment in marrying this man..!”


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5 thoughts on “The Secretary’s Business Visit..! ”

  1. Money is not that important. Honest earning brings more pleasure. I have seen my maid, gardener, washerman are always happy than the persons interested in accumulating wealth. Bob Sir columns are very helpful in practical life.

  2. That was hilarious. I feel I am reading a play with the actions so well described. The conversation can be imagined as taking place in real life. The sweet box being taken back is more comical than sad and the parting remark that made to the wife embarassed is more funny than insulting.

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