Run It By Jesus..!

We are so lucky aren’t we that most of the words Jesus spoke here on earth have been recorded by his disciples and written for everyone of us to read?
Listen to Him speaking calmly and tenderly to the woman at the well, harshly and angrily to those who used the temple for business, and with a sense of urgency to those who listened as He spoke at the Mount.
One can feel Him sobbing as with quivering voice, he calls Lazarus out of the tomb, and one can hear Him whispering to His father to forgive them who were killing him because they had no comprehension of what they were doing.
And today, as we see so called holy men of the cloth accused of rape, and others of thievery, we wonder what the church is coming to. But there’s no need to worry. Religion is manmade. The priests are human, and the taller the hat or redder the robe doesn’t bring them anywhere nearer or make then holier to the God they are supposed to serve!
A few years ago, my children wore a band on their wrists, which bore these words, “What would Jesus do?”
It was to remind them at every juncture and in every situation, to ask, “What would Jesus do?”
Like I said, we are so lucky to know the character of Jesus through words He spoke, situations He went through and temptations He overcame. Armed with that, let us live our day, asking again and again, “What would my Jesus do?”
You see everybody having a poke at the self-conscious slightly fat or skinny guy or girl in the office. But did Jesus do that when he saw short Zacchaeus up on a sycamore tree? Did he look up and start chuckling at the funny sight, and I’m sure it was a comical one, of a fat, short tax collector, wedged between a branch peering into the very public he had squeezed dry? No, Jesus did not see the comical, He saw a tearing need and addressed it.
Did he admonish the woman caught in adultery? Haven’t we often been the first ones, to piously throw the first stone at our own church members?
I wonder sometimes, why he didn’t joke with Mary and Martha as they wept about their dead brother, knowing he would be out in a few minutes? He didn’t, he cried with them. Doesn’t it remind us of the times we step up callously to someone who’s grieving, “Don’t worry, your mom’s in heaven. Stop crying!”
Wear a band on your heart today, with words etched powerfully deep, “What would Jesus Do?” Then run everything by Him..!


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14 thoughts on “Run It By Jesus..!”

  1. Lovely piece of advice Bob with a great thumb rule to follow ‘wwJd’ We can indeed never go wrong if we have Him at the centre of everything we do and say God bless you!

    1. This is one piece of advice I had given me my children when they were little. Ask Jesus what He would do in every situation. May God grant us the wisdom to live our lives by the answers we get from Him.

  2. Yes. Possessing gitts of the Holy Spirit won’t get us to heaven unless we use them out of love for others Jesus’ love for everyone compelled Him to serve all the needy, physically and spiritually. He understood the emotional needs too.

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