Murder Unmasked..!

As I drove to the airport to drop my daughter, her husband, and twins, I felt a sadness, not entirely because they were leaving for distant shores, but because I saw numerous people on the roads, and even outside the airport, either without masks, or hanging them down round their necks like mangalsutras!
No dear sirs, they are not necklaces of freedom, when you hang them on your neck and not placed on your nose and mouth, but nooses of death! And for those who don’t wear them, a stint in jail till the vaccine is out should be made law!
Making a mask mandatory is not infringing on your right to life, or freedom to do as you please, but the same as making murder a grave offence.
When you don’t wear a mask, you either infect someone else, or you pick up the virus and gift it on a platter to some vulnerable family member, or others in the circle you mix in!
And those of you who wear a mask around your neck, what’s it for? Is it the same as keeping your helmet on your handlebar as you ride a motorbike and putting it on when you see a cop? Those are the same fools, who police vans pick up from roads, and know there’s no hurry to go to the hospital, delaying the journey to go straight to the morgue!
And then there are those who mechanically lower and raise their masks, like lowering or raising the tricolor on Independence Day. This, they say, is to make themselves audible or articulate, but dear sir or madam, this is as good as converting those mask free words into lethal bullets! I would prefer you keeping the pistol from my forehead, if you please sir!
This column I know is read by the educated, and it’s to you I say, that when you use such shortcuts, the rest of our uneducated citizens follow you! So, it’s not just a ‘murderer’ you are but a ‘serial killer’ by the numbers you have influenced to follow your murderous actions!
When the Prime minister talks about washing our hands, wearing a mask, and maintaining a social distance in public spaces, there are many who wonder why he doesn’t have more to offer. But the fact is, that till the vaccine comes these simple methods are 95% effective, and the miracle vaccine is also effective only 88% to 93% so when we already have a competent, capable and convincing system, why don’t we follow it?
It’s not just us: Even as I said goodbye to my family at the airport, and watched my little twins wearing their tiny masks, I knew they were flying to a country, the US where such foolish callous behavior also exists, and I silently cried out above the roaring plane engines, “Stop murdering others you fools..!”


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5 thoughts on “Murder Unmasked..!”

  1. Many people have the delusion “it won’t happen to me”. False bravado will take us nowhere. An airborne virus can attack anyone anywhere. We should b on guard all the time. Live free does not mean becoming dangerous for others like our family n neighbours

  2. Yesterday I was passing Crawford Market on the way to my wife’s college and was amazed to see that life went on as before. No masks, no social distancing nothing. Do we call that Bombay resilience or foolishness? At the same time in their defence I must add, people are fed up and disappointed with the lack of weapons to fight the pandemic. Tied between two evils.

  3. More than half the bike riders wear helmet only to avoid police action and fines, not for safety. Left to them, they would not want to wear anything. This include educated and uneducated. Same thing is with masks. It is a question of mindset and until people change it nothing will happen in this country.

  4. The political leader’s son in North India caused a young police woman to resign rather than be a slave to the dictates of the corrupt system where he could, as he threatened, make her pay for having stopped his friends who rode without helmets or masks on a bike with him God save us from these incorrigible pests! Power has gone to the heads of the sons of the leaders too

    1. I agree we have such leaders, but I try and address points where we can change ourselves, change the thoughts of those who live around us and thereby start the initial switch in our own thinking, hopefully converting others into doing the same.

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