Lockdown Evolution..!

With the second major lockdown being imposed all over, there is a growing concern among renowned doctors of WHO, which after Donny Trump’s frequent outbursts against it is not taken as seriously as they once were. I chanced to be there in my imagination in one of their meetings.
“I foresee evolution taking place!” said the orthopedic member of the prestigious organization, “As man starts sitting in one place for such long periods, slowly he will not need the use of his legs!”
“You mean they will develop wings instead?” asked a pretty intern.
“Yes,” beamed the orthopedic member, “The only difference is that instead of having physical ones like birds, bees and bats, they will develop wings inside their minds, which will transport them wherever they want!”
That’s already happening when the world uses video calls and zoom and skype!” said another doctor.
“Yes,” said the orthopedic doctor, “Evolution starts small, but catastrophic situations hasten the process!”
“Like today’s lockdowns!” sighed the pretty intern as the bone doctor nodded and smiled at her, “But what will happen to legs then, will they shrink and die away?”
“No,” said the orthopedic doctor, “They will grow shorter, because they won’t be used to walk long distances, but they will still be of use!”
“You are saying that because you will be out of business without any bones to mend!” laughed a gynecologist also a member of the august body.
“No, I have seen it happen in the last two years of the lockdown,” said the bones specialist, “I have seen many accidents happen in homes because long legs are not able to adjust to new situations that staying at home offer!”
“What are the situations that long legs can’t take?” asked a six foot six, medical practitioner.
“I had ten cases of long legs tripping over themselves as they ran from the sitting room, to the bedroom, and finally sprawled under a bed to find their legs hideously twisted!”
“What could they possibly run from that got their poor legs mauled?” asked the six footer.
“They made a run from the TV!” said the bone doctor, “They put their sets on to watch a movie and suddenly found it was interrupted by a political leader about to address his nation, and tell them how to tackle the virus! So, the poor man with his long legs ran…”
“I ran too,” said the pretty intern, “But my small legs held!”
“Not mine,” said the six footer, “As soon as he started saying, “Friends! I ran, but they are still in a twist!”
“So evolution is inevitable!” whispered the orthopedic doctor, “As such leaders will not stop giving solutions on issues they know nothing about, and we scramble to get away from them..”
Dear friends don’t believe these doctors, because like Trump said, who believes what WHO professionals say..!
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3 thoughts on “Lockdown Evolution..!”

  1. My cousin’s daughter in law’s dad was treated for covid without testing him again as requested by the family. He died. They then found he didn’t have Covid. So I don’t trust doctors as I find they aren’t mercenary.

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