If Christ Had Not Risen..!

Even as I wake up to the sounds of, “Happy Easter!” and hear hymns by choristers singing, “Christ the Lord is risen today!” I still those happy voices and silently ask myself, “What if Jesus hadn’t risen two thousand years ago? What if Mary and his disciples had gone to his tomb and found the rock guarding the entrance, in place? What if Mary Magdalene had not seen Jesus standing outside, alive, his tomb empty?”

And my thoughts go to the numerous other good men who’ve died martyrs, and know for sure that he would indeed have been remembered as a prophet, a revolutionary and a good man.

“Everything was okay, his sermons and his healing, till he claimed to be the son of God!” I hear Jews of his time whispering, “That was too much to take, and now look at where he lies”

Exactly, look at where they lay Him.

It is empty!

That empty tomb says more than what he said in His sermons, or the wonderful healing that He did. That empty tomb says that a God indeed died on that cross, and because He was God, He could raise Himself from the dead!

That ‘raising himself’ proves he was indeed what He said He was!

And in that realization, should we understand the magnitude of that death. He died that we might live. He died so that the chasm filled with sin which separated us from Himself, was paid forever!

Our wickedness and sin is such that a pure God could never walk and never talk with His creation. No end of sacrifices could fill that chasm, till He Himself became the ‘permanent sacrifice’, simply because He loved man so much!

Unfathomable isn’t it?

That is how we need to look at Today: With awe and astonishment!

The rejoicing we need to have today, is in the knowledge that a God indeed came down to earth. The rejoicing we need to have today, is that the God above loves us so much, He went through the terrible humility of having His very creation, reject, despise and finally kill Him!

Why? So that you and I could walk a cruel earth not with hopelessness but with a divine hand holding and gripping us, a hand that could only do such once that gap between man and God was paid for on the cross.

Even as we celebrate today, think for a moment why we celebrate; that God indeed came down. And then stop for a moment, shudder and think, “What if Christ hadn’t risen?”

But He did, and so with a glorious shout, cry out, “Hallelujah! He is risen indeed..!”


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3 thoughts on “If Christ Had Not Risen..!”

  1. Amen! He is risen,indeed !!
    Let’s look forward to His 2nd coming, with as much (or more) devotion and anticipation……..

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