Green Grass Below Your Feet..!

‘Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have’ Gautama Buddha
With a disgruntled look on his face, Kumar got into his car as his driver opened the door. He remembered when the car interiors had a new car smell. “Sir ‘new car fragrance’ is available sir! I can buy it from the automobile spare parts store!” his driver had told him once when he had complained.
“I don’t want just the smell!” said his master to him in a sharp rebuke, “I want a new car!”
Kumar opened the newspapers spread out for him and suddenly stared transfixed at the ad. ‘Win a super deluxe saloon!’ said the ad, ‘Just open an account with bank X!’
He was excited, it was time to move on, and get another car. He had been driving the same model for the last two years and as he looked outside at the road and at the other automobiles that ran alongside his, his heart yearned for them. But finances were not the best at this time, and money was needed to invest back in the business. But this ad intrigued him. All he had to do was to open an account in this bank, they would have a lucky draw and he would in all probability win a car.
“Not just another car,” he thought to himself, “But a super deluxe salon!”
He ran the words super deluxe over his tongue. They sounded palatably powerful. He told his driver to drive another block so he could make a call to his accountant, “Hi Suresh,” he said, “Open todays paper and look at the ad about a new bank account. Open one for our business.”
“But we don’t need another account sir!” said his accountant.
“Look at the advertisement! I want that new car, a super-deluxe one!”
He switched off the phone, but it rang almost immediately, “Sir,” said his accountant Suresh on the phone, “Did you see the car they were offering?”
“A super-deluxe one!” said Kumar, savouring the ring of the words.
“Which is the same one you are driving in right now!” said Suresh as Kumar looked around sheepishly at a super-deluxe model he had never stopped to appreciate.
And so, says Buddha, when we fail to appreciate what we already have we will continue looking around for more, not realizing that we already have it. So very important to start being content, and in contentment learning to find the happiness we search for when looking out of car windows, and onto grass which we always feel is greener on the other side.
Look closer and you will find green grass below your very own feet..!

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4 thoughts on “Green Grass Below Your Feet..!”

  1. The grass is green on the side that we choose to water it. It’s all a matter of perception and gratitude for what is, instead of yearning for what if.

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