Not Bothered by the Stare…!

Was enjoying my toast and butter this morning, when my wife told me, “He’s been staring at you for the last ten minutes!”

“Who?” I asked, then realised it was Noah, my daughter’s dog, who is kept at my home, whenever my daughter and family go out.

I looked down and saw his eyes, steadfast on the piece of toast I was about to bite into and realised how easy it was not to get bothered by a hungry stare.

Today’s papers have hardly any news than details of the lavish pre-wedding bash a billionaire is giving his son. Millions have been paid to performers to perform at a series of planned events and the papers carry pages and pages of pictures of dignitaries arriving and expenses involved.

All this while millions upon millions of our countrymen, with no food in their belly stare.

Nobody notices their hungry stares, because we have also told the world that reports of where we stand on the hunger index are all fabricated.

But the stares are real.

Around ten years ago, I was elected president of an international club, in which my installation would have been held in a posh hotel.

A few weeks before the event, I saw the ‘stares’!

They came from the old and ill people around the area where I lived, and I told the members we would have my installation in the open pergola of a local park, call these old people for refreshments and distribute four pronged walking sticks to them, with money we would otherwise have spent on a lavish five star installation. The members agreed, and what a joy it was that for the first time in the history of the Rotary where an installation was held in a shed with plastic sheets shielding us from the rain, but with all the seats filled with the old and needy.

The next day seeing them walking around the park for the first time in many years was a joy to behold. My club had noticed the ‘stares’, looked back and addressed their needs.

Today it is almost become a crime to get affected by the ‘stares’ as those who fight for the rights of the poor and marginalised, are branded with all sorts of names and even jailed. Priests, activists, and social workers, whose hearts are filled with compassion are despised and terrorised.

How are we allowing ourselves to reach this state, where only these garish activities of the rich make news, while help given to those unfortunates are viewed as a crime?

Noah, stares at me, his eyes steadfast on my last piece of toast, and I guiltily give it to him, even as he lifts his head, then looks at me with grateful eyes..!


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5 thoughts on “Not Bothered by the Stare…!”

  1. You are absolutely right …lavish show of power n money ….I can understand your feelings being an animal lover…we think twice thrice before feeding a stray but in a blink of an eyes spend chores on extravagance…shameful…power of the rich and famous…

  2. How many stares I’ve ignored? As i imitate my God who has compassion towards the needy let this season of grace fill me with courage to notice every stare at home, office, public places … Thank you Bob for this beautiful reality you pictured

  3. Thank you Bobby for your sensitivity towards those poor like Lazarus in God’s Word.Your write up was as if you took the words out of my mouth.Even Mother Teresa is falsely accused of having converted those who she fed. Rajnish, who had a skyscraper next to a slum area in USA criticized MotherTeresa.He was sent away from USA. He had an ashram with an unspiritual motive in Pune too for the rich.He was carnal.He was a fraud.So are many today.

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