Life Jam..!

Thought I’d spend the evening at the club last night and as we drove towards dusk, I noticed there was a traffic jam on the other side of the highway. We drove along freely watching the jam stretching for miles on end, when suddenly my daughter remarked, “Dad, do you know that all the cars we pass have no idea there is such a huge jam ahead?”

I looked out and realized how true this was. As the cars joined the jam, they all assumed there was a minor hurdle a few cars ahead, that it would all clear in a few seconds, that they would be out soon.

“And dad,” continued my daughter, “Isn’t that so much like life! We all get into the rat race thinking that it will all clear soon; we toil into the night like the others in the office, work hard for the best car, biggest house, not realizing there is no end!”

“Life Jam!” I said to her as we both nodded.

How many of you readers are middle aged, past middle age or senior citizens? How many of you have striven through life, still struggling to make it, still stuck in the jam? Driving, from first gear to second, brake, clutch, touch the accelerator, brake again!

Maybe its time to get out of the jam!

“Look at the number of side roads dad!” said my daughter. Yes, there were empty roads leading from the jam filled road to others which had hardly any cars on them; roads that you could drive across at a speed faster than the traffic jam crawl. They were not fancy roads, like the highway, but they were roads you could cruise along, enjoy the breeze, look out at the scenery and get in a bit of the country.

What road are you traveling on? The traffic jammed highway, where you keep inching along, and as you keep moving slowly, the engine heats up, legs start hurting and temper and stress levels rise!

There are roads at the side; less traveled, less fancy, where you feel the gentle breeze on your face and tensions evaporating. There are roads at the side of your life which won’t get you the money you are aiming for, but will allow you more time with the family.

Isn’t it time you made a choice?

I watched along with my family as one after another, cars joined the traffic jam, hopeful it would clear, not realizing, there were miles of a jam ahead!

The roads at the side waited for them, they wait for you..!


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3 thoughts on “Life Jam..!”

  1. Depends on where those side roads less travellers lead to, Isn’t it? Getting off the main road may not result in reaching the goal we’ve set for ourselves. Life jams and traffic jams could be life lessons for us preparing us for the glorious end result..

  2. The Thought is,
    Do we need to be in a rat race?
    What is the reason for being in that particular race.
    Is it Ego or is it a planned necessity/ goal.
    As professionals, business people,employees we are always in a race.for time ,post,
    material games.
    What matters for me ,Am I Etical,Moral in my decisions.
    Sometimes the cut is fine/ sharp and decision difficult/precarious. May cost me friendship,popularity, profit.
    But the overall resultant is worth it.
    I have taken decisions that were appreciated by my then critics,after forty years.

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