Letter To A Garage Owner..!

My son-in-law who’s holidaying with my daughter in Goa asked my driver to give his car to the garage so it would be serviced and ready, when they both returned. It reminded me of a time many years ago, when I wrote a letter to a garage owner:
Dear Maheshbai,
I was so happy when we met at the Rotary Club last week and you informed me you also ran a garage. I knew at once the days of searching for a good mechanic were over and God had delivered you into my hands. I even hugged your mechanic when he came home next day and drove my car away. He said he would bring it back the next day. I told him to take his time… and I think he did just that… I have learnt to be more discreet with my words ever since.
I must admit in the last two months you have kept my car I have braved treacherous weather, weathered the nastiness and insults of cabbies and bus conductors reminding myself it was all worth the sacrifice. Last week your man brought back the car. I was so happy I hugged him again and tipped him a five hundred rupees.
I wish I had tipped him less because the next day I had to tip my watchman, my sweeper and my maid’s elder brother to help push-start the car. It has become increasing difficult after that to find them, as they seem to disappear whenever they are needed for this purpose.
You had mentioned you were also an air conditioning expert and I was happy my sweaty and humid days were over. Yesterday I discovered they’d only just begun. Do not take it amiss, mistakes do happen but I think you’ve taken out my air conditioner and installed a heater there by mistake. Please help me as my expenses on prickly heat powder and deodorants are mounting by the day.
Maheshbai I always suspected that you have a terrific sense of humour, but I never realized how good it was till I put on my windscreen wipers in the rain and got a spray of water on my face from the air conditioning duct. I know we have shared many a joke a in the club, but when the spray also hits your co- passenger and that happens to be your mother in law…!!!
There are my dear friend other minor irritants that I really should not bother you with but what I’m worried about is the phone call from your office this morning: Your secretary told me to pay the bill immediately or she would send a mechanic to take the car away. I am afraid that’s going to be slightly difficult as this morning my sweeper and watchman and the elder brother of my maid swept away whatever was left of it!
Till we meet again…. Goodbye..!





8 thoughts on “Letter To A Garage Owner..!”

  1. Talking of garage mechanic, I am reminded of this joke:

    After everything is done, the mechanic asks the cardiologist,
    “Here’s what I don’t understand. I fix engines, and so do you, albeit human ones, so why do you get paid ten times more than I do?”
    The cardiologist then turns the ignition on and says, “try it with the engine running.”

  2. A journalist and garage owner
    A garage owner asks his journalist customer for a book he wanted to buy but couldn’t find it in any book shop.
    The journalist finds the book and gives it to the garage owner with a bill which reads as follows:
    Taking the book from the shelf ₹ 50/-
    Dusting it ₹ 50/-
    Checking for missing pages. ₹100/-
    Cost of the book. ₹ 500/-
    Wrapping the book in paper. ₹50/-
    Delivery charges. ₹ 100/-
    Total cost. ₹ ₹850/-

    Surprised the garage owner expresses his displeasure.
    The journalist says: This is how your bills look like when you repair my car.

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