An angel whispered into my ear,
‘Bob tell your friends this brand new year,
That if they get on their knees and pray,
God will handle woes that come their way.’
Dear friend, even as I greet you this year,
May this assurance bring you good cheer!
That all you need to do each day!
Is to let God in and let Him stay.
And then you’ll find deep peace and rest
As 2021 turns out better than the best..!


5 thoughts on “Hush..!”

  1. Thank you for reminding us that The Lord is in charge of our lives. What a relief.😊 Wishing u and ur family a blessed new year.

  2. Praying connects us with our Maker. He answers us through a verse inHisWord a person or an inner voice. An instance that blocks a plan indicates that it was not in alignment with His which would be better. So trusting Him brings peace, prosperity and patience in life that makes us wiser by His grace.Happy New Year

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