ChatGPT, Chanakya and Compassion..!

They were exceptionally good skits, all done using ChatGPT! I watched the actors working on their dialogues and noticed their lines were all geared towards solving addiction problems. ChatGPT had done an excellent job of giving solutions through clever discourse and rational thought, but as I continued watching, I noticed one major ingredient missing….
Over two thousand years ago, Jesus delayed a visit to a close friend who was dying. His delay was on purpose, which was to reach the residence and work a great miracle, so that many would see the power of God. When he reached Bethany where Lazarus lived the sisters ran out to tell him their brother was dead. They cried in deep agony, saying if the Lord had come earlier, Lazarus could have been healed.
Jesus knew what was going to happen. He knew soon there would be laughter and rejoicing as the dead man walked out of his grave. Yet, on seeing the grief of those around, Jesus wept.
In the scriptures, it is the shortest verse, but I think the most revealing and powerful!
A powerful healer, though he would soon see a man resurrected, still allowed himself to become vulnerable to feel with his heart the emotions of sorrow around him.
That heart of compassion, that slipping from clever speech and Chanakya strategy, was not there in those scripts.
ChatGPT I noticed was clever, but could not move from perfection to humanness!
Many years back my late dad and I went to a newly built theatre. He was an artist and interior designer. Awed by the decorative fittings of the theatre, I turned to him and whispered, “Look at the beautiful marble they’ve used!”
“That’s not real marble Bob,” he said simply, “That’s imitation marble! Real marble has faults which run through it!”
Those so-called faults revealed perfection!
What we see today is the use of Chanakya strategies by most everyone. We even have poll strategists who work out winning poll formulas.
Are we playing a game of chess with people as pawns? Remember, in the middle of one of Christ’s greatest miracles he broke down, feeling the sorrow around, and in that breaking down, revealed the character of God; a God who could show compassion even before strategizing a miracle.
Likewise, there’s a chance today for our own leadership to throw out ChatGPT and Chanakya thinking. Everyday we’ve been seeing young girls like your daughter or mine, on the front pages of our papers: Girl wrestlers weeping over being molested and sexually assaulted by a powerful man. If our Prime-Minister could one morning, without cameramen or journalists, walk over and hold these poor girls, and assure them his heart feels for them, what a glorious moment that would be!
Today, our country needs huge doses of Compassion, not Chanakya strategies or ChatGPT scripts..!


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5 thoughts on “ChatGPT, Chanakya and Compassion..!”

  1. Excellent interpretation. Today we have all the comforts for a happy secured life. So many gadgets kill the drudgery. Life of ease! But human feelings are missing. We are all isolated from each other.
    All of us to work towards one bonding.

  2. Excellent interpretation. A time will come when all of us realise the mechanical applications of AI. Humanness in inherent in us.

  3. Very true Bob Technology can be efficient and intelligent but not compassionate. That’s where human emotions come in. Without that, we will have a very artificial superficial world.

  4. Well said Bob. Give to AI and technology, their dues, but AI can’t ever be equal to or greater than humans. Similarly, political correctness is replacing genuine emotions and humanity. A dangerous concoction.

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