A Feather for the Baby..!

T’was the habit of Mr Sparrow to always build his nest with straw from the stable. “You clever man!” chirped Mrs Sparrow happily, “While all dem other birds go roun’ searchin’ for straw you jes’ sort of walk into dat stable and grab a beakfull to build our house!”
And now that Mrs Sparrow was expecting again, he walked into the stable then shook his head. “There’s humans in de stable!” he chirped with disbelief.
“The innkeeper turned them out!” mooed the cow.
“Said there was no room in the inn!” said the sheep.
“Told them to use the manger if they wanted!”
“Because the woman’s jes’ going to deliver!” said the cow who knew much about such matters.
“Mrs Sparrow is also jes going to deliver!” said Mr Sparrow proudly. He picked up a beakfull of straw, then nearly dropped it as he heard the sound of a new born child.
“There’s a baby born in that stable!” said Mr Sparrow to his missus while he neatly laid out the straw for his new house.
“I know!” said Mrs Sparrow.
“Whatcha mean you know?” said Mr Sparrow crossly, “You didn’t come with me to dat stable m’dear?”
“I heard de baby cry!”
“You did?”
“I never heard a lil’ baby cry like that! It was not like it be scared to leave its mama’s womb! It cry like it want to be born!”
Mr Sparrow stared at his wife thoughtfully. He wondered how women knew things like this more than most men, “The innkeeper didn’t have room for them in the inn!” he said sort of worried.
“That baby’s come to make room in heaven for people like dat innkeeper!” said Mrs Sparrow thoughtfully.
“How you know this woman?”
“I bin’ staring at that star outside! I bin’ listen’ to them shepherds talkin’! That child is a special baby husband!”
“Whatcha doin’ with the straw I jus’ brought?” asked Mr Sparrow suddenly.
“Take it back husband, put it round the baby in manger! I can’t take the straw meant for de Holy Child!”
Mr Sparrow started back with his beakfull of straw.
“Husband take dis’ feather o’ mine! Put it where it’ll warm the baby!”
Mr Sparrow climbed onto the crib and laid the feather on the little child. The mother of the babe watched and smiled. She reached forward and touched the sparrow.
“I put your feather on the lil’ babe like you said!” said Mr Sparrow.
“I hope it keeps him warm! Pity about the innkeeper though! It’s to save men like him the babe’s come down!”
Mr Sparrow stared at his wife thoughtfully. He felt glad with what Mrs Sparrow had done for the baby, but wondered sadly why people the babe had come down for didn’t have room for him. “I don’t understand dem human fellers!” he chirped as he went to gather straw to build another nest for Mrs Sparrow.


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3 thoughts on “A Feather for the Baby..!”

  1. Besides moral of the story, I like the way you put your imagination of the birds and beast into a fine story which matches exactly (as) if they could speak and think like human does. Gifted and talented… God bless you more!

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